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Security officers, housekeepers, and other University employees rally for better contracts

In Early June, security officers, housekeeping staff, and other Philadelphia community members gathered in front of the Benjamin Franklin statue to protest unfair wages, unsafe practices, and workplace harassment — among other issues.

See the full article in The Daily Pennsylvanian

PSOU Rally 2012

During the 2012 fight for a contract for the Penn Patrol security officers, the officers held 2 rallies to create awareness of their battle with the employer on the UPenn campus, the officers were supported by some of the Philadelphia Museum of Art officers, the Student Labor Activist Project, PSOU organizers and the local community.

Allied Barton Guards
Amy Guttmann's Office 2013
Wecoming CHange at PMOA
Welcoming Change Party
University City District
Philadelphia Museum Of Art Rally

During the fight for PSOU’s initial contract various officers and supporters held rallies and meeting to organize the Security staff at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Trip to the Labor Conference in Chicago 2016

The Philadelphia Security Officers Union currently participate every other year in the Labor Notes Conference in Chicago, Illinois.

Executive Members
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Colin White polo pic.jpg
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Dom Red polo close pic.jpg
Black polo Eboard pic cohen hall.jpg
Building Worker Power Flyer.jpg
PSOU Board Pic table.jpg
PSOU Executive Board at Penns Landing.jpg
Exexcutive Board Pic in 2015 at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.jpg
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